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SQL Server 2008 RC0 Install: Sql2005SsmsExpressFacet


This morning's goal was to quickly install SQL Server 2008 RC0, and then move on with some project work.  Let's just say that my project work should resume by this afternoon...

In the interest of disk space, I removed an existing installation of SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition.  And then the installation of 2008 RC0 began by installing the "Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (Beta)"...  which is probably "install-smell" for me needing to pave my machine when the product finally RTM's.  But, I digress...

The installation went pretty smoothly until it came time for the "System Configuration Check" that takes place after you select everything that you would like to install, but before the files actually get installed.  In my case, this check failed because "The SQL Server 2005 Express Tools are installed.  To continue, remove the SQL Server 2005 Express Tools."  (This is the "Sql2005SsmsExpressFacet" rule of the installation)

Thank you, Microsoft, for that succinct failure message that includes instructions for resolution...  Except, I didn't have the SQL Server 2005 Express Tools installed.  They didn't show up in my Programs list, in the Start menu, or on my C: drive at all.  How am I to uninstall something that isn't installed?  Hrmmm....

After about an hour's search around my hard drive, I finally went into the registry, and discovered the following key:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\ShellSEM

Note: Jan Sotola reports that the affected 64-bit version key is:

   ...\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\ShellSEM

Contained within was some registry information belonging to Red Gate SQL Prompt.  Apparently, despite my removing of the SQL 2005 Express Tools some time ago, this registry key was not removed because the Red Gate information was still there.

On a hunch, I renamed the key to "ShellSEM.old", and the SQL Server 2008 installation carried on.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this, Theo Spears from Red Gate sent the following email:

"I apologise for this issue; the SQL Prompt team here has been working to address it. You and your readers may be interested to hear that we now have a version which works with SQL Server 2008 RC0, and no longer blocks the installation. To get a copy send us an email at support@red-gate.com"


I should clarify that my little rant above was not targeted at Red Gate, but I'm so happy to hear that they are proactively working to resolve this little issue.  I would have just liked for Microsoft to use more than a single registry key as evidence of a conflicting product installation, that's all.